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  WDHS Construction Photos


School Events
•  WDHS Boys track Warhawks @ Waterloo West 4pm
•  Real Life Academy (Seniors only)
•  WDHS Boys Soccer vs Maquoketa @ Maquoketa High School 5:30pm
•  WDHS Girls Soccer vs Maquoketa @ WDHS 5:15pm
•  WDHS Boys Tennis vs Maquoketa @ Maquoketa High School 4pm
•  WDHS Cafe Speeches 'N Cream Awards Night 7pm
•  WDHS Boys golf @ Dyersvillle Golf and Cty Club 3pm
•  WDHS Girls golf @ Meschers Golf Course 3pm
•  WDHS Boys/Girls track (JV only) @ Dalzell Field
•  WDHS Boys track @ West Delaware 5pm
•  WDHS Girls track Bobcat Invite 4:45pm
•  WDHS Main gym - Open gym Football 6-7pm
Recurrence: Weekly from 2/13/2014 to 4/24/2014
•  WDHS Boys Tennis vs Independence @ Independence High School 4pm
•  WDHS Softball field-youth softball Christie Horsfield 6-8pm
Recurrence: Weekly from 4/17/2014 to 7/17/2014
•  WDHS Girls Tennis vs Independence @ Eagle Point Park 4pm
•  WDHS Boys Golf Meet vs. Anamosa, Beckman, & West Delaware @ Weste Delaware - Pin Oak Golf Course 4pm
•  WDHS Girls Golf vs Maquoketa & West Delaware @ Thungder Hills Golf Course 4pm
•  WDHS main/north gyms Alumni basketball 9-5 pm Seth Baumhover
•  WDHS north gym open gym softball high school students 4-6pm
Recurrence: Weekly from 1/26/2014 to 5/4/2014
•  WDHS north gym open gym girls basketball 6-8pm
Recurrence: Weekly from 4/6/2014 to 5/11/2014
•  WDHS Girls Tennis vs Mount Vernon High School @ Eagle Point Park 4pm
4/21/2014 to 4/23/2014
•  WDHS practice for next year's cheerleading squad
•  WDHS JV girls golf @ Derby Grange 3:15pm
•  WDHS Softball field Youth Softball Jake Feldmann 5:45-7pm
Recurrence: Weekly from 4/21/2014 to 7/21/2014
•  WDHS old cafe Boys Soccer meal 5:30-7pm
Recurrence: Weekly from 4/7/2014 to 5/12/2014
•  WDHS Girls Golf vs Solon @ Lake MacBride Country Club 4pm
•  WDHS Boys Tennis Invitational vs Dubuque Hempstead @ Hempstead 3:15pm (JV)
•  WDHS Girls Soccer vs Northeast @ WDHS 5:15pm (Varsity only)
•  WDHS Boys Golf Bobcat Invitational @ Timberline Golf Course 11am

Guidance Events
•  Mount Mercy College
Time: 1:00 PM
•  Jostens graduation merchandise delivery - all lunches
Time: 11:00 AM

WDHS Celebrate My Drive Results   
$100,000 Winners!!

ACT Prep Available for Students   
Starting on January 16th @ 7:15 a.m.

Academic Support Programs   
The following programs are offered for all students

Let us do the cooking!!

The Bobcat Band is selling Stadium Chairs   
Regular Size for $40 - Larger Size for $ Mr. Omarzu, Band Instructor

WDHS Lip Dub Video Highlights Clubs & Organizations   
Video highlights WDHS clubs and organizations.

Bobcat Capital Support Foundation   
needs your help